BJP rubbishes Farooq’s love Pakistan rant

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday rubbished the claim of the National Conference patron Dr Farooq Abdullah that “Kashmiris love Pakistan.”

In a statement here the BJP spokesman Khaild Jehangir said, “It’s really strange that a when Dr Farooq was in power he used to advocate bombing Pakistan and used to blame it for the miseries of Kashmiris. After being ousted from the power he has taken a U-turn and is claiming that Kashmiris love Pakistan and there is pro-Pak sentiment. He wants borders to be softened and allow people to people contact. History stands testimony to the fact that NC leaders have always hoodwinked people by changing their statements like seasons.”

The BJP spokesman said that it’s not for the first time that Dr Farooq Abdullah has changed his colour like a chameleon. “Dr Farooq is trying to terrify Delhi by raking up love Pakistan raga as he wants to prove that he and his son (Omar Abdullah) and his party National Conference can only control the situation,” he added.  “The BJP wants to remind Dr Farooq that present regime in New Delhi is headed by the party stalwart Prime Minister Narendra Modi who during the two years of his rule has set new benchmarks and has taken India to the new heights. Dr Farooq glorifying Pakistan is not going to help his cause and won’t get him his chair back,” Khalid Jehangir said.

He said, “ Times have changed and Kashmiris know it very well that their future is secure with India as Pakistan has turned out to be a failed state where bomb blasts and attacks on children have become an order of the day.”  Jehangir advised Dr Farooq to concentrate on his party which is at the verge of “extinction” and got decimated in 2014 parliamentary and assembly polls. “National Conference stands exposed before the masses and they have rejected the party and its leadership. Their utterances hardly make a difference,” he added.

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