BJP thinking of forming govt on its own in J&K is just day dreaming: Vakil

Newspoint Bureau
Srinagar, May 1
Former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today in a statement has condemned BJP top brass for continuing its rhetoric on situation in Kashmir and asked it to initiate dialogue before it is too late for them to restore peace political stability in Jammu and Kashmir State. Saying that BJP national president Amit Shah saying focus on Jammu and Ladakh and keep Kashmir isolated and no dialogue with separatists are just illusions and such statements can’t restore calm in Kashmir but further complicate the already complicated situation in the state.
Saying that BJP national president Amit Shah saying that BJP would form next government on its own with full majority in Jammu and Ladakh and some bonus seats in Kashmir is BJP top leaders day dreaming.
Dialogue with mainstream parties has not yielded any result in past and not will yield any result in future because mainstream political parties had always befooled people by saying one thing in power and another thing when out of power jus to grab power. Their relevance is day by day diminishing Vakil asked the BJP president to draw lessons from 7% turn out in Bye Elections in Srinagar Parliamentary constituency and take immediate measures for addressing alienation of people through a broad based dialogue with all stake holders in the state.
Vakil asked the BJP chief to think about regional and religious bonding but not regional and religious divides in Jammu and Kashmir State which is a big model of regional and religious harmony in entire south Asia.

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