BJP two steps closer to ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’: Amit Shah on poll results

The BJP is two steps closer to its aim of creating a “Congress-mukt Bharat”, party chief Amit Shah said on Thursday with assembly election trends showing the opposition party booted out of government in Kerala and Assam.
The comments came as the BJP appeared cruising to an emphatic victory in Assam, the first time the saffron party has won an election in the Northeast. The BJP also improved its tally in West Bengal and won its first-ever seat in Kerala.
“The BJP’s performance in assembly polls is in a way people’s stamp on performance of Modi govt in the last two years,” Shah said.
The BJP’s good show is expected to bolster Shah’s position after criticism from within the party following back-to-back electoral defeats in Delhi and Bihar last year.
The assmebly election trends bruised the BJP’s main national rival, the Congress, which lost power in Assam and Kerala – to the BJP and the Left parties, respectively.
In Tamil Nadu, its coalition with the DMK failed to trouce incumbent J Jayalalithaa of the AIADMK and an informal alliance with the Left in West Bengal fared miserably at the polls.
“The results show people who try to disrupt Parliament, politicise issues have been shown the door by voters,” Shah said, hinting at India’s principal opposition party.
“After seeing the results, no one will dare to ally with the Congress. Whoever has tied up with the Congress has lost.”
The results in the assembly elections also bolstered the BJP’s claim of being a national party, having expanded its base outside the traditional stronghold of north India. “Assam’s victory is important in many ways, given that it is a border state. The government is committed to the development of the state,” he said.
He talked about how the party almost doubled its vote share in Kerala and maintained its support in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.
“The BJP has performed well in all five states. I thank the ppl of all states for their support,” Shah said.

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