BJP U-turn on domicile certificate to refugees inhuman: Hari Om

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Jammu Tawi, December 25

Terming BJP’s U-turn on issuance of domicile certificates to hapless and suffering Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan as inhuman, Jammu for India (JFI) convener Prof Hari Om today said the BJP has proved that it is no different from the PDP, the NC, the Congress, the CPI-M, separatists and that the people of Jammu province will surely avenge the betrayal of their mandate as and when they got an opportunity.

“The BJP has betrayed the 2014 mandate. It has betrayed its own constituency for some loaves and fishes of office. It has ditched those who voted for it in large numbers and with great enthusiasm hoping that it, if voted to power, will end the Jammu’s long night of discontent and despair and ensure that Jammu will be treated equal with Kashmir at all levels and in all spheres. They had hoped there be will be rotational chief minister-ship and have equal share in the cabinet and that the people of Jammu will obtain their due share in the vital service sector and funds for developmental activities,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that the thankless and ideologically bankrupt and dishonest BJP dashed all the hopes of the people of Jammu province to the ground in a most brazen manner.


Prof Hari Om said that the BJP had an equal number of seats with the PDP and it was Jammu’s natural right to get the Chief Minister’s chair for half term and get such crucial portfolios as Home, Revenue, Education and Finance to mitigate the hardships of the people of Jammu province, including refugees of all varieties but it surrendered all the departments to the PDP on a platter.

The JFI convener not only accused the PDP of compromising its ideology by agreeing to further strengthening the pernicious Article 370 and by recognizing Hurriyat and Pakistan as stakeholders in Jammu & Kashmir but also throw in the fate of the 6 million Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs with the rabidly anti-Jammu and separatist-friendly PDP, which had publicly said that the PDP formed government after getting clearance from the Hurriyat and was working on the issues agreed upon between the Hurriyat and the PDP-BJP. “The BJP has turned out to be worse than the Congress which right from 1947 ditched again and again the people of Jammu and Ladakh and pandered to communalists in Kashmir,” said Prof Hari Om. He added that by doing a shameful U-turn on the issue of domicile certificate, the BJP has only danced to the tunes of separatists and half-separatists in Kashmir. Prof Hari Om thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his decision to issue domicile certificates to the refugees from Pakistan and urged him to direct the inhuman PDP-BJP Government in the state to implement the order in its entirety.

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