BJP Youth President Dr Suresh Ajay Addresses Youth Convention in Srinagar

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) newly appointed youth president Dr Suresh Ajay Magotra today addressed the youth convention here in which a huge number of youth from different parts of Kashmir participated.    While addressing the huge gathering, Dr Suresh congratulated the youth for joining the main stream politics for the betterment of society and said that it was the pro-youth policies of the party that youth are joining it.

“I am overwhelmed to see youth here actively participating in mainstream politics, which indicates the pro-youth policies of Narendra Modi led BJP,” he said, adding, what mainstream parties like National Conference and Indian National Congress has failed to achieve here in last 60 years, BJP is doing it from last two years. He said BJP wants to become voice of youth in the state, as they have been exploited one or the other pretext from decades. “BJP’s pro-youth policies attracted youth to join the mainstream politics,” he said.

Dr Suresh also said that the rest of the states have been keenly observing the BJP’s rule here, but it was the personal efforts of Narendra Modi to look after the development aspects and other issues of the state. “Our straight forward politics of development is the main reason that youth are joining the party,” he said. He also appealed BJP youth workers to work for the development and welfare of the society with dedication, which will ensure BJP’s people friendly policies will reach to common people.

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