BJP’s amendment to new domicile law ‘cosmetic’, mere ‘bluff’: Bhalla

Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Tuesday said that reducing time limit from 15 days to five days for getting a domicile certificate will not make any difference on the ground as people continue to suffer in getting these certificates for months together.

He claimed that under pressure BJP Govt is just killing the time and making these amendments to divert the attention of the public from its failures for the last six years by taking anti-people decisions one after another.

Keeping in view the infrastructure and speed of the internet, it is next to impossible to provide all pending applicants domicile certificates within 15 days. He ridiculed deadline of September 10 is set, after which no long pendency shall be excused and action against the responsible, underperforming officers shall be taken but so far no action has been taken against anyone for delay of months together.

Bhalla suggested that instead of making amendments, BJP should consider PRC as domicile certificates for at least one year from now onwards amid COVID-19 scare in J&K. Bhalla expressed concern over the state of affairs in J&K saying over the past 12 months J&K continues to grapple with administrative inertia. People of J&K continue to face a plethora of challenges coupled with the brewing disenchantment among the unemployed youth.

“Administrative apathy, development inertia has taken a firm root in J&K. The avenues of employment for youth have shrunk and the future prospects also look gloomy in view of newly introduced domicile laws,” said Bhalla.

Bhalla asked the government to treat the Permanent Resident Certificate (PRCs) as domicile certificates for jobs to avoid unnecessary hassle to the residents of J&K. He said the complete withdrawal of the SRO 202 and granting all benefits and arrears to all those who have suffered exploitation under the SRO will ensure “real justice.”

Under the broader economic revival, BJP will accord high priority to job creation and opportunities for entrepreneurship. that though reducing unemployment was a major goal of the BJP government in the country, but it has not been able to fulfil its promise of job creation in the country. Former Minister slammed BJP Govt for taking such decisions at a time when the unemployment in J&K is already at an alarming rate.