BJP’s slogans of women empowerment proved hollow in J&K: Harsh

Accusing BJP Party of indulging in empty sloganeering and hollow rhetoric over the issue of women empowerment, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister said that women folk was the most afflicted lot in J&K.

Not only were the atrocities against women disregarded by the helmsmen but majority of schemes announced for the welfare of the rural womenfolk had remained confined to papers only, said Singh while addressing a Mahila sammelan organized by Women Wing of Panthers at Hakkal Panchayat in Raipur-Domana constituency under the leadership of Mrs Anita Choudhary and Seema Rajput.

Speaking to media persons, Harsh Dev Singh highlighted the pathetic plight of women workers, employees, underemployed, unemployed who were subjected to worst form of humiliation and harassment at the hands of the saffron regime.

Taking a jibe at BJP’s election manifesto, he said that its slogan of giving 33% reservation to women in Assembly has also proved a hoax. Reminiscing the more than three-year-long hunger strike of contractual lecturers at Exhibition Ground Jammu, Singh lamented that the young female lecturers agitating for their rights for regularization was made to languish on roads and refused even an audience by the BJP rulers despite they being highly qualified and fully eligible.

The said girl protestors had to burn their tents after around 400 days of protests in view of none coming forth to listen to their shrill cries for justice. Likewise, the BJP-PDP coalition government had resorted to lathi-charge on peaceful protesting Anganwari and Asha workers who were seeking enhancement of their honorarium.

Similar treatment was doled out to female NHM and MGNREGA workers who were seeking fulfilment of repeated assurances doled out by the government to them. The plight of widows belonging to poor and marginalized families was all the more pathetic with benefits of social welfare schemes including pensions and ration cards being denied to them”, asserted Singh.