Black Cobra bites 52 people, three die in UP village

Inhabitants of Param village in Uttar Pradesh`s Rampur district, are in a state of panic after a black cobra reportedly bit 52 people and killed three of them.

The wife of one of the deceased said, “When my husband had gone to water the fields and he was bit by the snake, we took him to hospital, but he died after three hours. We have received no help from the government and our children are not going to school because of this fear of getting bitten by the snake.”

Mohammad Nabi said the cobra is yet to be caught and people are in a state of panic.

The mother of 18-year-old Sandhya said her daughter was lying in her bed after performing her prayers when she was bitten by the snake and died.

The villagers are searching for the snake.

District magistrate Amit Kishore said efforts are on to call in a snake charmer from Kashipur in Uttarakhand to neutralise the menace.


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