Blacklist “Mafia Traders” for working against national interest: Gen. Secy LOC Trade

In a loud and clear message, general secretary of Cross LOC Trade association S. Krishan Singh has said that administration must blacklist “Mafia Traders” who are hell bent to disturb the Trade and are working against national interest.
In an exclusive with Reporter General Secretary Cross LOC Trade S. krishan Singh said, ” District administration is being led by honest officers like DDC Mohd Harun Malik and SSP J.S Johar and I appeal to them to take strong action against these nine traders who are doing their best to spoil better relation between both the sides. The Trade was started to boost relations between both the sides but these nine vested interest have captured the whole trade and are working against national interest by playing cheap politics of divide and rule for personal self interest”. He said that it has been heard that some traders are regularly in touch with other side on social networking sides and are giving direction to them to act as per their interest and administration must check their credentials.
He said that DDC Malik and SSP Johar are keen to strengthen the trade by providing opportunities to unemployed youth besides solving other trade issues but vested interest are not allowing it to happen and are denying opportunities to the unemployed youth by implementing various cheap means. He said that, because of negative attitude of these “Mafia Traders”, there is a huge resentment in Traders community. S. Krishan Singh, who is general secretary of the Trade association has said that relation between both the sides should be further strengthen and all those who are playing against national interest should be taken to task by administration. Meanwhile, sources close to the “Mafia Traders” said that these nine influential traders are planning to conduct election to the Trade body within shortest possible time and said that these elections would be a formality only as majority of traders are under their control, therefore by conducting elections earlier, they are trying to befool the administration.

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