Blasphemous Remarks: Protest Demonstrations Held Across Valley

Protest demonstrations were held at several places across Kashmir Valley after Friday prayers against the ‘blasphemous remarks’ made by a self-styled godman against the Prophet of Islam.

Reports said that the protest rallies joined by young and old were taken from several mosques including Markaz-e-Jamia Masjid Chandigam, Sogam, Krusan, Auqaaf-i-Islamia Markazi Jamia Masjid Lalpora. At places, peaceful protests were also held inside the premises of Markaz-i-Jamia Masjid Lalpora.

The protestors urged the administration to speed-up the enquiry into the ‘infamous’ incident.
“It has been over a week now and we are yet to see any significant action against the culprits,” a protestor said adding, “We urge the administration to speed-up the investigations to bring the culprits to justice.”

Another protester said: “Such unscrupulous elements who in the guise of being some sadhu (godman) should be dealt with sternly to stop the spread of communal hatred.”

“Any act of dishonour against the Prophet of Islam (SAW) is unacceptable to Muslims and to raise voice against this act is the matter of faith for every Muslim”, the protestor said, adding, “Our prophet is our honour and pride and we can’t compromise and tolerate any such activity that is aimed to bring disrepute to our Prophet. The protesters demanded strict punishment to all those involved in this act on a “priority basis.”

Meanwhile, similar protests have also been reported from other parts of the Valley including Nowpora Baramulla where hundreds of people rallied against the blasphemy remarks.

Reports of similar demonstrations were received from several areas of civil lines and down tow Srinagar