Blunting of the fighting forces would be dangerous: Chaman Lal

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Jammu Tawi, April 25
Former Union Minister of State for Defence, Professor Chaman Lal Gupta while interacting with a group of activists from troubled Kashmir who expressed their grave concern over the peace loving people have been dragged in a painful situation threatening even their two ends meet especially when another tourist season is under uncertainty and studies of their children are being hampered.
In a press note issued here Professor Chaman Lal Gupta said that authorities should take all the aspects in view that how the masses of the vale have been made as hostages to the extent that they cannot work at their will to earn their livelihood, not to say of cast their votes in any poll. He regretted that many leaders of the mainstream parties are under pressure, both of the communal considerations and that of being out of power, are playing dubious role ignoring their past, these long time former rulers are even glorifying the ultras and justifying the violence. Professor Gupta said that this dubious role is making the functioning of the law and machinery, more cumbersome especially that of security forces. But blunting of the fighting forces would be dangerous, he added and asked these politicians to come out in a positive manner that how the elements indulging in looting of the Banks and attacking the forces including the Police Stations should be tackled.
He further said that why they did not apply this approach when were in authority and record number of ultras were eliminated, he questioned and stressed for multi-pronged approach to defeat the renewed attacks of the enemy operating in guise of religious radicalism coupled with the abuse of most modern techniques.
He stressed for the tough measures to tackle various aspects of the menace as there is little space left for any kind of dilly delaying.
He stressed the need for striking at the roots of the malady instead of hitting the leaves and branches alone.

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