Body language

Illness and discomfort within the body is often the symptom of an emotional or mental issue. Instead of popping a pill, introspect on the messages your body gives you.

For healers, their clients are more often than not mirrors of something that is healing within them. Like this client above, I tend to delay singing, which has been my passion since childhood. One day I was feeling unusually restless. My mind was super active, and I had started getting frequent headaches. Meditation did not help. My bowel movements were upset too, which my ayurvedic doctor said was due to too much mental activity.

I sat down and asked my body, “What is it that you want?” much like a frustrated mother. I felt a lump in my throat and the diaphragm vibrated as if I was singing. I got my tanpura out, and started tuning my voice. In the next two hours the restlessness ceased, the mind quietened. For a few days I started practising regularly. My digestion got better.

I felt energised, rather than exhausted after each practice session. Today, even as I write this, it is again a reminder for me to restart my regular practice, for just last night, I had a vivid dream of singing full-throated, operatically. The subconscious finds ways to communicate to our conscious self. And I choose to listen rather than ignore this second sign (the first sign being the client).

Dr.Newton Kondaveti, my past-life regression teacher, has written a book called Consciousness Heals which talks about how the body is a hologram of your subconscious mind. He lovingly quotes to us often, “the body never lies.” The signs of discomfort that our body shows are messages. Even though some of us know this, and have practised listening to the body and seeing the success behind it in the past, we get lazy, or fall back into the old groove of things, and start ignoring our body language.

In another spontaneous healing, some months ago I was sitting in one of my mentor’s Sunday sessions and felt like crying. I was tired of being sick owing to one year of regular fevers and indigestion. I was on a heavy ayurveda course, but I felt like I was hanging by a thread. I was afraid to die. That Sunday I was also very tense and scared. Through the session, something he said triggered me, and I started crying copiously.

The thoughts that went on in my mind were, “Why do I have to have this body?! I hate this body! I just want to die and get it over with!” I had spontaneously processed a past-life conditioning that the body is a burden to the soul. Hence, I was dreading paying attention to it. After that catharsis and looking at the root thought i.e.  The body is a burden, I felt much lighter than I had in over a year.

There are so many other ways in which the body needs to be addressed instead of just through diets, and exercise. Leonard Orr, pioneer of Rebirthing-Breathwork and Immortality in his book, The Owner’s Manual, writes about how the element of Earth relates to our body. In that he mentions that not only is regular fasting a powerful way of earth purification that heals the body, but also your career. I daily make valuable contributions to the aliveness of myself, others and of humanity.

I am tempted to think that our favourite singers, filmmakers and artistes who make us come alive are the biggest healers on this planet right now. I love watching an American television series called, So you think you can dance and I am deeply moved by the sheer quality of heart and soul they put into dancing. In some sequences it feels like they are moving the whole world through their body. It transcends competition. It almost always makes me get up and sing with more passion, or do yoga with more zest.

The best prescription for your health is written by you alone. And slowly I guess many of us are questioning how another person based on certain, however elaborate studies, can be the authority for what you need to do to set it right, when it was never a standard machine in the first place?


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