Border residents need permanent shelter

It would not be perhaps wrong to say that the border residents are living dual life, which comprises of settled agriculturists and migrating nomads. It has been seen that even the slightest of movement on borders or line of control, these people have to shift to safer places, which not only disturb their familial set up but also causes them sense of alienation.
Since India carried out surgical strike across the Line of Control in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the Pakistan rangers are frustrated and are carrying intermittent ceasefire violations, due to which the border residents have to face lot of inconvenience.
Yesterday late night bullet proof vehicles were pressed into service to evacuate residents rattled by the sound of Pakistani mortar bombing and firing in border hamlets.
Border dwellers in Bobiya and adjoining hamlets in Hiranagar sector in Kathua district have been experiencing sleepless nights due to the intensified shelling and firing by Pakistani Rangers.
Police armed with bullet proof vehicles criss-crossed the shell-hit hamlets particularly Bobiya last night carrying loads of scared villagers.
They were ferried to the camps setup by the district administration at government higher secondary school in Hiranagar and another school at Chhan Khatrian.
Due to heavy firing and shelling for two days and the fear psychosis among the border residents, bullet proof vehicles were pressed into service to evacuate people.
The government needs to understand the importance of settling these border dwellers at some safe place, so that they may not lead dual life of nomad and agriculturists. There shall be some place in close proximity to the existing structures, but away from mortar range, so that they can pursue their profession peacefully and subsequently lead a peaceful life. At present the people from border areas are migrated to safer places and have been asked to stay at safe place, which harms their profession, daily chorus and moreover the studies of their children.
There should be some provisional scheme for the border residents like the government must come up with satellite colonies for the border residents, so that they can live at safer place without any migration.
The government can also revisit some schemes, like plots for the border residents. Besides these two suggestions, the government can bring some more policies to ensure safety of the border residents.

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