Born without kidney, uterus, girl sets self afire

A 17-year-old girl, set herself afire to death after discovering that she was born without a second kidney and a uterus.

The teenager, resident of Subhash Nagar locality of Bareilly (UP) had fallen ill a few months ago. Her parents consulted the doctor regarding the illness and the doctor advised her to go for an ultrasound test. The test was conducted and the report revealed that she did not have a second kidney and a uterus.

After it was revealed that she will have to live the rest of her life without her uterus and a kidney, she fell into depression. Her parents tried hard to get her out of the mental trauma. They supported the girl emotionally, consulted other doctors but she continued to be depressed.

On Friday, when her father had gone to cast his vote in the Gram Panchayat elections and, the girl poured kerosene oil and set herself afire. Her mother along with the neighbours took the girl to the district hospital where she died from extensive burns, reports Times of India.

Former chief medical superintendent, District Women’s Hospital, Dr Sneh Lata said, “It is a congenital deformity and a person affected by it would not be able to conceive without a uterus. The family should have taken the girl to a counsellor to overcome the trauma,” reports the English daily.

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