Brahmakumaris Asgram celebrates Mahashivratri

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Jammu Tawi, February 13
The festival of divine incarnation of Supreme God Father Shiva with great devotion, zeal and enthusiasm celebrated by Brahmakumaris Ashram Shastri Nagar, amongst large gathering. Large number of gas balloons with Shiv message released in the sky on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Brahma Kumaris Bk Nirmal Behan said With One God Shiva in their minds, countless people keep worshiping him with deepest feeling of love, devotion and respect longing for one moment of his darshan or divine vision. God Shiva is everything to them. He is the supreme protector, the comforter of all hearts and soother of their pains. He brings much needed peace and internal strength. On the occasion of the most auspicious festival of Maha Shivratri devotion reaches its peak because it is the night of most elevated one the greatest God Shiva. It is also the best occasion to understand the spiritual significance associated with Maha Shivratri. Shivling symbolizes the light form of God Shiva. God is not a human being, not does he have any bodily form. God Shiva is a divine point of subtle, sainted, self-effulgent light. Light is symbolized by an oval shape. This is why he is depicted as jyotirling “The symbol of light”. He is the truth, the benefactor and the most beautiful one is therefore known as styamshivamsundaram. He is also sat chit anandswaroop. In the context of MahaShivratri, the night denotes ignorance, absence of the light of knowledge, it is the darkness due to the existence of all pervading five vices lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. It is a night of extreme irreligiousness. Today peacelessness, unrighteousness suffering wrong and simple acts have become the order of the day, but for how long can this be continued, who will provide us lasting happiness and true peace. It therefore requires God Shiva himself to descend into this world which is passing through the period of extreme night of ignorance to reestablish a world of religion and values. By remembering God Shiva with love one can get absolve of all sins. Keeping awake all through the night signifies that we should be alert in our actions, let us not be under the spell of maya or disillusion and invite misery and suffering due to our own bad actions. Let only good action take place through us. Similarly function was organised on February 11, 2018 in Ram Darbar Mandir where large number of gathering participated and chief guest of the function was Kavinder Gupta, Speaker Lok Sabha, J&K govt). Vinay Gupta, BJP District General Secretary, Naveen Gupta President Nai Market, Hunar Gupta, Advocate, accompany the shobha yatra during the occasion among other eminents persons of the locality.

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