Brahman Sabha Akhnoor Present Memorandum to SDM Akhnoor to start state award in Sanskrit on the name of Dr. Uttam Chand Shastri

Jammu:  Pandit Ashok Shastri, President Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha Akhnoor on Tuesday met with SDM Akhnoor Gopal Singh and presented a memorandum for lieutenant governor of UT of Jammu Kashmir Manoj Sinha to start the award in Sanskrit on the name of Dr. Uttam Chand Shastri Pathak (i.e.state award in Sanskrit every year). Moreover, as like other state awards in the field of sports and other categories, the same step of giving state award in Sanskrit will be taken for the development and upliftment of Sanskrit language. As we all know that the land of Kashmir has given birth to different scholars of Sanskrit including Abhinav Gupta, Mahakavi Kalhana, and Bilhana. These scholars had not only enlightened India with their knowledge but also the entire world and they had acted for the unity of the entire world. The base of the knowledge in ancient time was Sanskrit and it is considered to be the mother of all languages, he further stated that if this language is considered to be the official language of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir then it will not be extinguished from the society. By starting this award in Sanskrit, then this language shall be given new dimension for its progress as it widely accepted by many other countries of the world.

Shastri also appealed to all the parents that they should teach their children our ancient Sanskrit language and also dedicate some personal time for its development. So, moving on their footsteps will definitely help us to create atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood to spread humanism between various sections of society.