Break-up tattoos to help you move on

Feb 28: Overcoming the ordeal of a break-up positively with tattoos is the new `in-thing’ among youngsters.

Revenge haircuts, comfort shopping, blocking exes on social networking sites -the arsenal of break-up aides has never before been so full. Now add another thing to it -break-up tattoos. Getting a positive word or phrase tattooed, like a placebo, has a rather calming and even a self-affirming effect for those who have broken up.

Speaking about the trend, tattoo artiste Vikas Malani says, “Getting a tattoo post the breakup works as a painkiller and sometimes, as an ego booster.`This too shall pass’ is a popular phrase to show your former flame that hisher absence doesn’t affect them much.

Words like `Hope’, `Faith’, `Believe’ and `Free’ are all time favourites

Many people get tattoos done on Valentine’s Day and later realise that it was a bad idea, after all. While cover-up tattoos are an easy way out to get rid of old ones, designs inspired by one’s hobbies are currently a rage. Says tattoo artiste Eric D’Souza, “An IT professional had inked his girlfriend’s initials on his wrist.Though he was doing well in his field, he was inclined towards aviation but couldn’t pursue it due to weak eyesight. Post his break-up, he covered up the initials with an aircraft design as a mark of eternal love.”

Besides this, bunch of flowers or anything with too many scales, like fish, dragon or feathers, are popular options, too. Altering tattoos is another technique that works at such times.Tattoo artiste Al Alva recounts an instance where a boy inked his girlfriend’s name that started and ended with ` A ‘. “Since the boy’s name too began with A, he modified it to look like a wing,” he adds.

Temporary tattoos come to aid

Hiding your permanent tattoos with temporary ones is also in rage. When you get a tattoo without putting much thought into it, hiding it from your family becomes essential. That’s when temporary tattoos come to your aid. Shubham Kasera, who specialises in this form, says, “When people are unsure about their break-up and there’s hope that things might work out, they opt for this technique.”


Because names can be jinxed…


A common belief amongst many is the `curse of the name’ -people sternly believe that inking your partner’s name will jinx the relationship. Says tattoo artiste Kevin Andrade, “I advise most p e o p l e against it also because it is overdone and it affects me as an artiste to know that I was the one who designed it. Even if you manage covering up your partner’s name, you know it is underneath, so I’m not sure how well that works.”

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