Breathe easy: 5 tips to prevent stuffy nose this winter season

Winter season is that time of the year, when people get more prone to bacteria and viruses that produce toxins causing colds, cough, influenza and yes stuffy nose leading to uneasy blockage of the nasal passage.

A stuffy nose is really annoying as it leads to fomation of mucus that may cause lung infection. Here are some easy tips to cure a stuffy nose:

-Sipping hot liquids like ginger tea, peppermint tea or soups can help get rid of throat and nose congestion as it loosens mucous membranes, thereby providing relief.

-One can even try for aromatherapy or take a hot steam bath.

-One can also try using a humidifier as it provides a moist atmosphere which can help soothe nasal blockage.

-Saline nasal sprays also helps increase the moisture in your nose thereby thinning the mucus and soothing nasal inflammation.

-While sleeping, try elevating your head by using 2-3 pillows. It will provide some much needed relief.

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