Brendon McCullum, Eoin Morgan to be part of PSL draft

Brendon McCullum and Eoin Morgan have agreed to be a part of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) draft for the second edition of the tournament. The draft is expected to take place in October this year in the United Arab Emirates.
“Brendon McCullum and Eoin Morgan are proven international stars who not only bring a wealth of international cricket experience but also bring invaluable leadership experience to the HBL PSL player roster,” said Najam Sethi, the PSL chairman, on Friday (July 1). “While we have announced these two names, there are at least a dozen additional top-level signings that will be revealed in the coming days. It will be interesting to see how teams manage their retention and transfers given such quality additions to the player draft.” After a meeting in Lahore, the franchises have been allowed to retain a maximum of 16 players from their team. “It was decided that the teams may retain up to 16 players from their existing squads,” the PSL stated. “All players who were brought on board by a team, regardless of whether they played, are eligible for retention. “The retention window will also provide teams with a chance to renegotiate with existing players and the window closes on September 14, 2016. The transfer window is concurrently open with teams in a position to leverage their draft picks and or existing squads to find an ideal
The franchises also agreed to increase total salary cap by nine percent, which is currently set at $1.2 million per team. The second edition of the tournament is scheduled to be played in February 2017.

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