Bring Dessa on tourist map

Dear Editor,

It is requested to state government, MLA and other concerned authorities to take few steps to place Dessa on tourism map. Dessa is a very beautiful valley. No doubt, due to continuous political negligence, Dessa has remained an underdeveloped village, but if a few steps would be initiated towards its development, it can become not less than Bhaderwah, Gulmarg, Sonamarg or any of the famous tourist sites.

If ignored, the beautiful valley endowed by the nature shall be spoiled. It is pity that neither basic amenities nor tourism, hydroelectricity, and other potentialities have been explored, though the area is endowed with instinctive charm and capabilities.

Anyone can be deeply impressed by the charming scenic beauty of Dessa valley, the sprawling snow clad mountains, great coniferous forests ,vast green halcyon  meadows, having wild flower plants and plants with high medicinal value,wildlife birds and beasts for the lovers of nature. The bewitching scenic beauty of Rudra Ganga Top,Chandi Top, Sharva Top,Sahiba Wali Marg,Hashwa Dhar,Danna Dhar, Heema Naal,Gotul Dhar etc is worth seeing.

These are well known religious places of pilgrimage too. This provides ample avenues for strengthening religious and scenic tourism in Dessa valley. Few requests and suggestions are – Bare minimum eco friendly and all weather road linkage facilities need to be provided round the year in the area. Dessa-Kapran Road project needs to be carried forward,this will introduce and ensure inter district as well state and international tourism exploration in Dessa.

This will partly solve the unemployment problem in the area and will open a new opportunity for unemployed youths. Holding of summer games and summer camps at selective places like Sahiba Wali Marg, Gotul Dhar,Hashwa Dhar etc would provide attractive stay facilities to tourist and student community in summer. So, the Government is requested to initiate the preparation of tourism plans to this area by self or by some competent private agency.


Pawan Rakwal

Kothi (Dessa) Doda.

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