Bring eunuchs in main streamline

Dear Editor,
Union government should arrange a census of eunuchs in the country by listing them in a separate gender as per Supreme Court order. National Eunuch Commission should be constituted. Union government should announce unrestricted admission to any educational institution (private or public) for free education to eunuchs without needing any reserved quota. Government should be duty-bound to make eunuchs join mainstream with parents of new-born eunuch child neither allowed nor necessitated to deject their eunuch-child to be handed over to isolated society of old eunuchs for begging, dancing or resorting to some anti-social activities. Rather criminal action should be taken against those parents who may disown transgender-child.
Eunuchs forcing parents to part away with transgender-children should likewise be arrested and punished with stringent-most framed legal provisions. Nothing can improve till effective measures are taken to make eunuchs come out from their regular profession of dancing and begging. It is to be noted that even some men posing as eunuchs resort to force people for giving them money.
While all other criterion for reservation like cast or religion is man-made, eunuchs are dominated section of society created by nature. It is indeed pity that even the respectable and affording families disown their own eunuch-children! Not only eunuchs should be given priority and reservation in government-jobs, but also private institutions giving employment of eunuchs should be encouraged by providing special subsidy on wages paid to eunuchs by private establishments. Some seats should be reserved for eunuchs in legislature and in public-sector jobs.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk
DELHI 110006 (India)

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