British Airways flight late by two hours due to staff crunch

A London-bound British Airways plane was forced to wait for up to two hours at the airport here as check-in desks were under-staffed, according to a media report.

The plane, which was bound for London from New York, was due to take off at 8am.

It was delayed for two hours at John F Kennedy International Airport after the airline provided only four staff to check-in 249 passengers onto the flight, The Daily Express reported.

“I want to sincerely apologize that we are running so late due to the unprecedented situation in the terminal,” a British Airways captain said.

The two-hour delay did not include the additional time it took for the passengers to go through security screening or board the plane.

“A lot of planning goes into making sure we have the right number of staff available for our customers on any given day. We are sorry that some customers have faced difficulties this morning at JFK Airport and we’re working to resolve the situation as soon as possible,” a British Airways spokeswoman said in a statement by the paper.

“We kept asking the desk staff what was going on and we were told that British Airways had cancelled overtime globally and so there weren’t enough staff to check customers in. There wasn’t even a supervisor around, just overworked check in staff,” a passenger said.


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