Bullet is only policy for militants, says Ravinder Raina  

President of the BJP unit in Jammu and Kashmir Ravinder Raina said on Wednesday that “there can never be any rehabilitation policy for the militants” and that “they will be paid back in the same coin.”

Raina was reacting to Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha’s recent appeal to local militants to “shun the path of violence.”

He had also promised to help them with jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“A militant is a militant. This Pakistan-sponsored militancy has bled Jammu and Kashmir for the past 30 years. They go to Pakistan for arms training, come back with arms and ammunition and then kill innocent people and security forces personnel. They can never be given any jobs. The only policy for them is a bullet,” he said.

“Our jawans of army, police and paramilitary forces are combating them 24×7. These militants are getting killed. Under PM Modi’s government there can never be any rehabilitation for militants in this country,” he asserted.

“Whosover picks up a gun against the nation will be eliminated,” he added.