Can we really heal ourselves completely?

The name ‘Body-Mirror’ couldn’t have been more apt as I could relate completely to Martin Brofman’s psychological analysis,” says Anna Parkinson, a BBC journalist and author who was researching a book about her family background when her life was shattered by a shock diagnosis, pituitary tumour. What’s worse, even her doctor, a renowned neurosurgeon, was stumped, as her tumour was one of the rarest kinds, which had no clear diagnosis.

She decided to explore other options and approached Martin whom she had heard of earlier. This is what Martin pronounced: “A brain tumour arises from tension in the crown chakra, which relates to difficulties in relationships with fathers, and consequently with all forms of authority.”

This instantly struck a chord with her as she had been separated from her father since childhood. Thus began her fascinating healing journey, with Anna meditating and working on the issue she had with authority. When the tumour receded without medical intervention, it came as a pleasant surprise to even her neurosurgeon, who has stated on record, “For me, Anna’s tumour is another fascinating case in a speciality that has more than its share of extraordinary stories.”

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease,” said the Buddha centuries ago. This echoes Martin’s core philosophy, whose premise is that we choose to heal, or conversely, not heal ourselves.

Kim Mattingley enjoyed a career at Chase Manhattan Bank for 16 years, supporting and training, trading floor technologies and market data analysis. She also worked in CMB’s NY and European branches, until she left to have a family.

At this stage, her whole world fell apart when she contracted recurring skin cancer. Having been operated on for skin cancer thrice, she finally healed herself using Martin’s approach, who had diagnosed the root of her problem to be her extreme sensitivity. Echoing the Dalai Lama, whose prayer for longevity stresses on a long and meaningful life, she states, “So much more was healed than the cancer. I have learned how to meditate, understand chakras, and realise how important it is to take care of myself now. Only then, can I be of service to others.”

Essentially, the ‘Body-Mirror’ system states that each type of illness is associated with a particular way of being or consciousness. There is a personality type associated with heart disease, there is another associated with cancer, another with nearsightedness, and so on. The person’s way of being has had stress associated with it, and that stress has reached the physical level, manifesting as a symptom.

When someone wants to release a symptom, they must release the way of being that was associated with the symptom, and which, in fact, created it. Releasing the stress from the consciousness allows them to then have different perceptions, and a different way of being. There is a change in the way they see the world and in this way, they gradually heal themselves.

“The yellow chakra” explained Promila Gurtu, a student of Martin Brofman, “is to do with our relationship with power and the freedom to be yourself, in other words you must be able to do what you want to do, deep down for this chakra to be in harmony.”

This couldn’t be truer for me at that time as I was struggling both at the personal and professional level with these issues. So, my distinct feeling of discomfort in the region of the solar plexus, while visualising the colour yellow, made complete sense. I worked on the issue and meditated regularly for a while, and the pain and the discomfort totally vanished.

Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of music knows that each of the seven notes has to be perfectly in tune for a song or symphony to be truly melodious. Even a minor deviation results in cacophony. So is the case with our bodies. When each of our chakras is in tune with its state, there is total wellness, whereas, tension in any of the chakras manifests as discord or illness.

None of these states is right or wrong, just as no musical note could be called unnecessary. All that is required for wellness is that all our states of being need to be in place, perfectly tuned and harmonious.

Vision and perception

“I couldn’t believe it was the same Promila,” said Anita, who met Promila Gurtu after her vision was completely restored using Martin’s technique. Promila (who is now no more), agreed that having understood the psychological cause of her poor vision made it much easier to restore clarity. There have been many such cases with Martin who believes that eyesight is not just a physical process but a multi-dimensional function linked to our personalities. That is, each type of vision impairment correlates with specific personality types.

Chakras were introduced to him through Ken Keyes’ book, The Handbook to Higher Consciousness, recommended by his instructor in the Silva course, and this was the seed of the ‘Body-Mirror’ system which he now practices and teaches. We don’t need such a serious setback to begin healing – let us resolve to make this our moment of change and usher in total wellness now.


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