Cardiology Deptt holds medical camp in Simbal

Emphasizing role of religious institutions and priests in spreading awareness about eating balanced diet, Cardiology Department of Government Medical College and Super speciality Hospital (GMC&SSH) today held a day long camp in a Gurudwara Singh Sahab in Govindpura locality of Simbal on the outskirts of Jammu city.
Invited by the management to hold a day long camp in the premises of Gurudwara Singh Sahab, the team of Cardiology Department which was led by its Head of the Department Prof. Sushil Kumar Sharma not only screened people for underlying heart diseases but even spent time in advising people about eating heart healthy food. The team screened more than 300 inhabitants of the Govindpura locality during the day long camp.
Stating that religious institutions can play pivotal role in spreading awareness about diseases in general and cardiac diseases in particular, Dr. Sushil said “let the religious seats act as life supporting vital organs of the society. Let our Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches become centres from where health awareness would spread to all the corners of the society. You have the power and if you take up the cause of spreading awareness at the mass level, cardiac diseases would soon not be called life threatening diseases.”
He said that awareness leads to prevention and prevention is key to preventing precious lives from being consumed by cardiac diseases, which in good number of cases are asymptomatic. “According to a study, lifestyle changes coupled with meditations and prayers help in bringing down the stress levels which we all face during our day to day life. Your stress level comes down drastically when you hear temple bells or listen Gurbani or offer prayers,” said Dr. Sushil.
Those who were found having symptoms of heart disease were given medicines free of cost. ECG,  Bio chemical tests and advised to take heart healthy diet besides avoiding exposure in the early morning cold. They were told to keep an eye on their Blood Pressure (BP). They were further advised to keep off from taking too much of oily foodstuff. “Too much Sugar as well as too much oil is not good for heart patients especially during this winter season,” the team advised those attended the camp.
Other doctors who were part of the team of Dr. Sushil Sharma included Dr. Nasir Choudhary, Dr. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Mohi Kalsotra. Apart from doctors, paramedics and volunteers who were part of the camp included Kashmiri Lal, Kamal Kishore, Sanjay Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Mohan Krishan, Ishan Khajuria and Jarnail Singh.

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