Cash starved JK paid Rs 1.23 cr for hired vehicles in four years

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Jammu Tawi, October 5

In startling revelations, the cash starved Jammu and Kashmir government today admitted to have paid Rs 1.23 crore rent in four years for five cranes utilized by the JK Traffic police in towing wrongly parked vehicles.

In a written reply to the question of Firdous Ahmad Tak in the council, the government acknowledged that Rs 12274827 have been paid to the crane owner upto ending August 2015.

“Yes. The traffic police department has hired five cranes on 21.12.2011 after proper tendering in Jammu and Srinagar for lifting wrongly parked vehicles so as to check the menace of wrong parking,” replied government.

The government said that from 23.12.2011 upto ending August 2015, Rs 51870292 have been relaized by the way of compounding of challan for wrong parking from the violators.

“Out of the total amount of Rs 51870292, Rs 39595465 have been deposited in government Treasury and Rs 12274827 have been paid to the crane owner for four years,” said government, adding that the cranes are hired after tending for a period of 11 months.

In response to query regarding ownership of each vehicle hires, the government replied that the vehicles are owned by M/s New Nishat Enterprises, Syed Rehman Sahib, Brein Nishat, Srinagar.

To another question about terms and condition on which the vehicles have been hired, the government said, “AN amount of Rs 600 is being realized from violators for wrong parking as towing charges, out of which Rs 242 per lift is paid to the owner as crane charges whereas the remaining amount of Rs 358 is deposited in government treasury,” adding, “the payment is made to the owner by SSP traffic concerned on monthly basis. The charge on driver, fuel and complete maintenance of the cranes is borne by the owner.”

Meanwhile, accusing government of benefiting particular firm, experts in the concerned field said that the government on one side is crying of facing financial crunch, but on the other side it is paying hefty amount to the private firms in lieu of rent.

They said that in the amount paid by government in four years as a rent of hired vehicles, the government could have bought 10 new cranes.


Year Amount Paid (in Rs)
2011 (w.e.f.21.12.2011) 63404/-
2012 3363800/-
2013 3514324/-
2014 2705627/-
2015 (upto August) 2627672/-
Total amount paid to crane owner 12274827/-


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