Why disclaiming Pakistan occupied Kashmir is not prudent?

Former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah recently raised a furore by stating: “I tell them in plain terms– not only the people of India, but also to... Read more »

Tackling Pak is India’s job, don’t leave it to US

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Public service guarantee not effective across J&K

Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Guarantee Act (JKPSGA) which was aimed at bringing more transparency and accountability in the system has failed to make an impact. From the top... Read more »

Aiyar has long history of making toxic utterances  

Mani Shankar Aiyar, who took India’s political discourse to a new low by describing Narendra Modi as “neech”, had lost his niche position in the Congress party as Rahul... Read more »

J&K needs wider debate over Article 35-A; the earlier, the better

Debate over the validity of the article 35-A and that of the order of 1954 has brought under focus the much controversial provisions. Article 370 is constitutional provision which... Read more »

New Technologies Demand New Laws and Ethics

Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) met in Geneva earlier this month and emphasised the critical necessity to ban “fully autonomous weapon systems.” They... Read more »

New defence planning panel

Stung by the inability to draw any positive strokes to get the complex defence sector into a fast and efficient track, the government is setting up the Defence Planning... Read more »

New security strategy needed for realising national aspirations, agenda

All recognised great powers like the United States, Russia and China have well articulated national security strategies for effectively pursuing, protecting and promoting their national interests. Even Brazil, that... Read more »