Futility of reviving SAARC

Nepal Prime Minister K.P.Oli’s visit to India not only refreshed bilateral relations but also contributed to the resumption of discussions on South Asian regionalism. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response... Read more »

De-Radicalisation should be prioritized in Kashmir valley

Certain occurrences in the recent past in Kashmir do not augur well for the future of the youth. A number of instances wherein highly educated youth, including technical graduates... Read more »

Chabahar Port Project and India’s stand vis-à-vis Afghanistan

Given the tensions in bilateral relations, dependence on the Pakistani market and trade routes has been a point of vulnerability for Afghanistan, a landlocked country. To overcome this vulnerability,... Read more »

Centre must have a concrete strategy on Kashmir

It has been almost 27 years since the externally sponsored conflict commenced in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Throughout this period, each year came and went with some reviews and... Read more »

Strategic implications of Siachen for India can’t be overstated

This year’s 13 April completes 34 years since the Indian Army launched “Operation Meghdoot” and brought the Siachen glacier and the Satoro heights under its control. The move was... Read more »

POK not independent but a beautiful prison

PML­N swept the polls in PoK, winning 31 of the 41 seats. In his victory speech in Muzaffarabad on July 22, Pakistan Prime Minister grandiloquently stated that “We await... Read more »

Time ripe for discussions over nuclear security

Discussions on nuclear security in South Asia generally focus on the India-Pakistan relationship. Given the volatile military equation and frequent sabre-rattling between these two neighbours, that is unsurprising. China... Read more »

Why not ban Hurriyat Conference?

Interlocutor on Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma is giving indications that Hurriyat would soon be on-board and steps would be taken to ensure that those behind the bars are released. Hurriyat... Read more »