Families and school help in promoting self confidence

According to a recent study, family and school both a play a big role in developing and encouraging one’s self-confidence. According to the researchers, self-confidence is a critical key... Read more »

Compounds in coffee, cocoa may cut heart disease risk

Scientists have identified compounds found in coffee, cocoa and wine, that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a study has found. The research by Kjeld Hermansen of Aarhus... Read more »

No time for gym? 10 minutes of gardening can also help you live longer

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Digital media linked to depression in young adults

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Follow Lemon Detox Diet Plan For Quick Weight Loss And Better Health

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Heart attacks also common in young adults

A heart attack, known earlier as a disease of the old, is now strikingly common in people aged 40 and below, finds a study. The study compared people aged... Read more »

Vitamin D may help control asthma

Besides making bones strong, higher levels of Vitamin D can also help children with asthma to become more resilient to harmful respiratory effects caused by indoor air pollution, say... Read more »

Poor cognition raises bad oral health in elderly

Older adults with poor cognitive function are found to have impaired oral health and higher risk of tooth loss later, says a study. According to the study, there was... Read more »