Eat more plant-based diet to avoid obesity in later life

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Wife’s BMI can influence men’s risk of developing diabetes

Your wife’s high body mass index (BMI) can increase your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes — a condition that affects over 400 million people worldwide, a study has found.... Read more »

Children with autism may benefit from faecal transplant

Faecal transplants – a method of introducing donated healthy microbes into people with gastrointestinal disease to rebalance the gut — may benefit children suffering from autism, a new study... Read more »

‘Bestselling cookbooks give inaccurate food safety advice’

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How owning a dog could improve your health

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Playing ‘Tetris’ after trauma may reduce bad flashbacks

Playing the video game “Tetris” shortly after a traumatic event, such as a car crash, may reduce the risk of developing intrusive flashbacks of the event, a new study... Read more »

Obesity May Worsen Symptoms In Lupus Patients: Diet Tips To Manage Obesity

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SCIR-IICT celebrates National Technology Day

The CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) celebrated the National Technology Day by organising lectures by eminent scientists. Dr AV Rama Ro, CMD of AVRA Labs and former director... Read more »