Last main Brussels and Paris suspects held, threat remains

Last main Brussels and Paris suspects held, threat remains

The main identified suspects in Islamic State attacks on Paris and Brussels are now dead or in custody after Belgian investigators charged two men on Saturday with aiding last month’s Brussels suicide bombers. But while pleased with the performance of Belgium’s hitherto much criticized security services, Prime Minister Charles Michel warned that further threats to

US deploys B-52 bombers against Islamic State

The US Air Force on Saturday deployed Cold War-era B-52 bombers to bolster the fight against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, stepping up efforts to defeat the extremists. The B-52 Stratofortress aircraft, which arrived in Qatar, were based in Saudi Arabia and last flown operationally in May 2006 as part of the

Air forces of China, Pakistan launch joint training exercise

China’s air force on Saturday began joint training exercises with that of Pakistan, China’s defence ministry said, as the two nations’ militaries strengthen operational ties. The countries call each other “all-weather friends”, with ties underpinned by long-standing wariness of their common neighbour, India, and a desire to hedge against US influence in Asia. “China’s Air

Al-Qaeda branch claims killing of Bangladesh student activist Nazimuddin Samad

A banned Islamist group linked to Al- Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the killing of Nazimuddin Samad, a student here who posted comments against radical Islamists on Facebook even as Bangladesh government rubbished it, saying there is no presence of theinternational terror group on its soil. According to the SITE Intelligence group, a US-based monitoring organisation,

Obama says Trump, Cruz doing Democrats a ‘favor’

President Barack Obama on Friday told donors that Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were doing Democrats a “favor” by exposing extreme views within their party on issues such as immigration and national security. “I actually think that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have done us a favor,” Obama said, referring to policy

United States warns citizens against travelling to Pakistan

The United States government has warned its citizens against all non-essential travel to Pakistan in the wake of the ongoing `security concerns` in Pakistan. According to a statement by the US State Department, the American Embassy in Islamabad and the Consulate General in Karachi continue to provide consular services for all U.S. citizens in Pakistan.