Pakistan minister Shuja Khanzada killed in bomb attack

Pakistan minister Shuja Khanzada killed in bomb attack

The home minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province and 11 others were killed when a suicide bomber targeted his farm house on Sunday, officials said. A ‘jirga’ or tribal council was being held at the farmhouse of home minister Shuja Khanzada at Shadi Khan in Attock district when the blast occurred. More than 50 people were

ISI hid news of Mullah Omar’s death: Ex-Pentagon official

  Pakistan’s intelligence had knowledge about the death of reclusive Taliban chief Mullah Omar and its move to hide the news is “failure” of not only the US-Pak intelligence co-operation, but also the American intelligence as well, a former top Pentagon official has said. Mullah Omar, the one-eyed commander who led the Taliban for some

China blasts death toll rises to 112

TIANJIN (China): Massive explosions at a chemical storage facility in the Chinese port of Tianjin on August 12 killed more than 100 people and injured more than 700. They also raised fears about toxic chemicals poisoning the air, particularly sodium cyanide. Firefighters were called to a blaze at a hazardous chemicals storage facility on Wednesday

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi raped US hostage Kayla Mueller

Baghdad: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi repeatedly raped US hostage Kayla Mueller during her time in the terror group’s captivity, a shocking revelation made by a Yazidi girl who was held as a sex slave in the same house. The Yazidi girl, who escaped after two months in captivity, revealed that Baghdadi had taken Kayla forcibly as his “wife” and used

Explosions in China’s Tianjin port area kill 17, injure 400..

Shanghai: Two massive explosions caused by flammable goods ripped through an industrial area in the northeast Chinese port city of Tianjin late on Wednesday, killing 17 people and injuring around 400, official Chinese media reported. President Xi Jinping demanded that authorities quickly extinguish the fire caused by the blasts and “make full effort to rescue

Italian marines case: India hires two foreign lawyers for international tribunal hearing

New Delhi: Two foreign lawyers, experts in international arbitration, will appear on behalf of India to challenge Italy’s move to take the issue of two of its marines, accused of killing fishermen off Kerala coast, to an international tribunal in Hamburg tomorrow. Alain Pellet and R Bundy were hired by India to represent its case before the International Tribunal on