Stealth Threat Has Arrived on our Borders. What is the Way Ahead?

Lt Gen (Dr) V K Saxena (Retd) The stealth muscle in the air threat vehicles of today is one dimension of survivability that is fast becoming a nightmare to the air defence warriors. Why so? Because, survivability directly translates into lethality. The relationship is fairly simple. Stealthy machines, by managing to become near invisible to

Concerns of Indian Army

Syed Ata Hasnain In 2005 the Indian Armed Forces very zealously adopted the concept of ‘transformation’, a term borrowed from the lexicon of the US Armed Forces. Essentially it meant ‘a very big change’; that change was essential in the sphere of war fighting due to the way various technologies, with information technology (IT) at

Ethiopia under State of Emergency – Prospects to Strengthen India-Ethiopia Ties

Neha Sinha Hailemariam Desalegn submitted his resignation as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia following years of unrest and crises in the country. His sudden withdrawal from the post of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (Ethiopia’s ruling party), took place when he willingly vacated looking at the political disruptions

War on Terror and the Quest for the Acceptable Muslim

Ali Khan There is a global struggle to try and define who or what constitutes an acceptable Muslim. Largely speaking, the war on terror has defined this discourse. Both Muslims and non-Muslims often go to great lengths to show how their particular understanding of Islam is the most authentic. Therefore, today many politicians have realised

Is the next World War coming closer?

Come Carpentier Things have heated up, from Syria to the UK, in the last weeks, even as there is a lull in the Korean peninsula. In the UN Security Council, the United States, with the voice of the grim-faced Nikki Haley once again threatened to attack the Syrian army and even Russian forces there if

Rahul torn between Gen Past and Gen Next

M.D. Nalapat Sonia Gandhi being perceived as the leader of a new anti-Narendra Modi alliance is likely to harm rather than help the anti-BJP opposition at the hustings. That dynasty is not a killer for a political career became apparent in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where Akhilesh Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav scripted bypoll victories for

Milan ‘18: India’s Balancing Act With China

C.Uday Bhaskar This week the Indian Navy will be hosting its week-long biennial naval engagement, MILAN 2018, in Port Blair, commencing on March 6th. Over 16 navies from across the Indo-Pacific oceanic continuum will meet to engage in this important demonstration of maritime camaraderie and seamanship. The first MILAN (meaning ‘get together’ in Hindi) was

Pipeline diplomacy

Salman HaidarSalman HaidarA recent event that probably merited more attention than it received was the inauguration of a pipeline to bring natural gas from Central Asia to South Asia. This is the ‘TAPI’ pipeline from Turkmenistan, where there are vast unexploited gas reserves, to South Asia where demand is constantly on the rise. TAPI bids