Out Of My Mind: Restore The Constitution

Meghnad Desai Every political party in India swears by the Constitution. ‘Save the Constitution’ is a constant cry on all sides. Yet the Indian Constitution as drafted by the... Read more »

Modi Rule More Purposeful Than Most Other Govts

Swapan Dasgupta The unveiling of the saaf niyat, sahi vikas theme to define the commemoration of the fourth year of its administration, is calculated to raise another — and... Read more »

Keeping each other on edge

N.L. Rajah In recent times, a series of stormy issues between the executive, the powers that be and the judiciary has had the common man clutching his head in... Read more »

Justice and redemption

Krishna Kumar Judicial hearing in the Kathua rape and murder case has been shifted out of Jammu and Kashmir, where the incident occurred, to Pathankot in Punjab. This has... Read more »

Do we need the office of the Governor?

Gautam Bhatia Among all the players who strutted and fretted across the stage during the recently concluded Karnataka elections, it is the Governor of the State, Vajubhai Vala, who... Read more »

The fading appeal of soft power

Happymon Jacob In India’s evolving foreign policy imagination, the pursuit of power and influence seems to eclipse the country’s traditions of normative behaviour and principled positions. The jury is... Read more »

We are very interested in joining Exercise Malabar: Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop

Mukund Padmanabhan As Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop was the lead player in the development of the Australian Foreign Policy White Paper. Released in 2017, it sets out... Read more »

On the great Asian highway

Syed Munir Khasru One of the key non-military issues that does not just bedevil India-Chinarelations but also significantly affects many countries in the region is the inability of the... Read more »