Blues of food supply department

Food supply department of Jammu and Kashmir did seem some reforms during the previous tenure of Minister for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Zulfikar Choudhary but these reforms failed to address issue of deep-rooted corruption in the department. Those involved know well how to loot. They know well how the modern gadgetry could be

Reforms in education, only way out

A tough Minister for Education, tech-savvy IAS officers and the repeated pledges to cleanse system of the rot has not made much difference in the functioning of school education department. Government schools continue to be housed in tin-sheds. The poor and downtrodden for whom government schools are the only institutions where they get education continue

Pak Must Change its Mindset First

India has made an exception in allowing a joint investigation team (JIT) from Pakistan to visit Pathankot in Punjab where Pakistani terrorists created mayhem two months ago. They would be given access to all the spots associated with the terrorists like the point of entry, where they killed a taxi driver and, finally, where they