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Gauging future of Asia-Pacific economic rchitecture

Jagannath Panda The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) remains the most attractive free-trade mechanism for regional economic integration after the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But how exclusive is RCEP to Asia-Pacific economic integration? Conceding the fact that the prospects of regional economic integration are still in flux, dignitaries and experts in the

Old age-golden evening of the human life

Er. Jitender Kohli It is a fact that the old age is the nearly wrecked stage of the life but this can be sweetly lived with a changed attitude and young mind. The physical changes are a routine process of scientific function of the variant part of the body as the inner part of the

Running into the Chinese wall

Makhan Saikia When Russia is heading to celebrate hundred years of the historic October Revolution this year, experts say that most of its problems are mainly coming from within, not from outside. It has been felt that its attempt to reclaim its lost empire will probably add more to its worries than to resolve the

Dangal in Samajwadi Party

Hari shankar vyas It can’t be said with full conviction whether the feud in the Samajwadi Party, which has been going on for the past four months, is real or has been scripted for getting political mileage. But this was evident that Akhilesh Yadav had been pushed to the top of the party in recent

For a level playing field

N.Sudarshan Ever since Sushil Kumar won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, wrestling has, without doubt, grown by leaps and bounds. A series of successes followed, from Yogeshwar Dutt to the Phogat sisters to Sakshi Malik. What was until then a sport predominantly of the hinterlands received wider recognition as television and newspapers

When banks are awash with cash

Pulapre Balakrishnan There are many lessons to be learned from the two months of turmoil that we have witnessed since November 8, but one stands out. The government not only underestimated the capacity for inefficiency and wrongdoing of our commercial banks, but also appears to overestimate their ability to turn around a shocked economy. Up

Wheels within wheels in Uttar Pradesh

Vidya Subrahmaniam Uttar Pradesh has always been riveting theatre, and now magnificently so, with the Samajwadi Party (SP) splitting, uniting and splitting again to the exasperation of commentators, many of whom have been severely tested on their understanding of this complex and politically most-watched Indian State. There have been so many googlies thrown that anyone

All’s not well in the Army

Happymon Jacob A military force with sharp internal divisions and discontent in the ranks has far-reaching national security implications. It’s time the defence establishment got its act together The ‘controversial’ appointment of the new Indian Army chief who assumed office on January 1, 2017 is perhaps the appropriate occasion to discuss the rising uneasiness within