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When women eat last

Diane Coffey India has a major child malnutrition problem. The Rapid Survey on Children (2012-13) found that about 4 in 10 children are stunted. On average, children who are stunted do less well in school, earn less, and die sooner than children who are not. There are many causes of child stunting. Addressing poverty and

Playing the angles, with Russia

Varghese K. George If Donald Trump succeeds in what Barack Obama failed to do, which is resetting ties with an aggressive Russia, it could trigger a cascade of geostrategic realignments across the world John Kerry, U.S Secretary of State, and his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, met 14 times and spoke on the phone

2016: The Supreme Court’s report card

Suhrith Parthasarthy The Supreme Court finds itself at a curious juncture. It has spent much of the year lodged in a widely broadcast battle with the Union government over judicial appointments. Led by Chief Justice T.S. Thakur, who retires on January 3, 2017, the court has fought this contest presumably to assert its independence from

The world caught in Net, enabled for learning!

Sanjay Kaul It’s only a matter of a few years when on-line education becomes the most sought-after mode in the world. Age will no longer be a barrier and everyone will be able to join the learning curve from wherever they want Today out of every five people living on the planet, two have access

A revival from below

Adnan Farooqui The Congress party’s performance in the 2014 general election was by far its worst-ever, both in terms of seat and vote shares. Since 1989 at least, the party’s electoral performance has been characterised by a gradual decline both in general and State Assembly elections, although its performance in 2004 and 2009 did give

Tel Aviv on tenterhooks

Vijay Prashad On December 23, the United States Ambassador to the UN abstained on UN Security Council resolution 2334, which condemned Israel’s settlement activity in the occupied territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The language is tentative. It does not call the settlements illegal, but only having no “legal validity”. In the world

A grim outlook for Europe

R.K.Raghavan The assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey by a lone gunman at an exhibition, in Ankara in Turkey last week, is clear evidence of the enlarging contours of terrorism. Turkey is no longer a merely troubled country. Its geography and chequered history make it a potentially very grave theatre of conflict. The perpetrator,

Some issues calling Loud Attention in a Welfare State

By Dr Nirmal Kamal There are two issues perturbing me so far, one- absence of welfare services to the senior citizens and persons with disabilities and two-work culture among the service providers in the State. Under such circumstances the role of government and non-government organizations becomes significant as service providers. Both the platforms from where