When a freak shooting accident made Rajendar Johar a quadriplegic, this one-time occupation therapist rose like a phoenix from the flames of his former life to become a great humanist and social worker, says Jamuna Rangachari There are some people whose purpose in life appears to be to redefine the word impossible for themselves and

Rule should be one person; one post

  Dear Editor,   It refers to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also to hold post of President of Janta Dal (United). But being Chief Minister of a state in itself is a big task requiring full-time attention for the big responsibility for which Chief Minister is paid from public-exchequer. Otherwise also, Chief Minister of

What the Standing Committee on Defence can do to improve defence preparedness

For the past several years, the Standing Committee on Defence (SCoD), responsible, among other things, for examining the detailed demands for grants presented by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to Parliament, has been berating the ministry for providing inadequate funds to the armed forces, underutilising capital outlays, and mismanaging defence planning, all of which impinge

Killers manning Doda roads go unscathed

‘Killer roads’ is how you describe roads in erstwhile district Doda, the county’s second most backward district. Another accident has consumed 6 more innocent lies besides leaving 56 others with wounds which will take several years to heal. Some have lost bread earners while many others have become permanently handicapped. Life after this accident is

Save precious lives

Dear Editor,   We have lost many a life in road accidents during the past three years.  While the authorities suggest a slew of measures to minimise loss of life on the roads, nothing seems to be moving.  According to official data, three persons get killed and twenty-five sustain injuries in road accidents on a

VVIP racism at Kalkaji Temple

Dear editor, It refers to shocking VVIP racism seen at Kalkaji Temple (New Delhi) where one Parliamentarian along with his colleagues including an MLA were seen in a spat with some dutiful policemen on duty at about 5 pm on 09.04.2016 during holy Navratras. Occupants of two luxury cars numbering DL9CG-0001 and DL3CAD-7000 were in

How BJP is steadily growing in Assam

Maitreyee Chowdhury   In the last fifteen years and more, the Congress has lost its stronghold amongst the tea garden workers and given way to BJP and Asom Gana Parishad (AGP). The role of the immigrant issue is larger than ever in this election, and the BJP and AGP have launched it as a strong

Seven Secrets of Ladakh

By Lundup Gyalpo   Of late, I was wondering what makes living in Ladakh so special. Yes, after two decades I found an opportunity to experience Ladakh in real sense — witnessing vibrant colors of the four seasons, relishing warmth of the soulful people and living through its harsh winters. During days of my education,