Valentine week: Happy Propose Day—Tips on how to say it!

Valentine week: Happy Propose Day—Tips on how to say it!

The countdown for the lovers week has just begun. With February 7-14 marking a week long celebration of love and friendship, we are sure you all must be waiting for it to kick off desperately.   If February 7 is celebrated as Rose Day, today happens to be ‘Propose Day’. So, all those who have

Top five superfoods you should eat to live longer!

Do you know eating a healthy diet can increase your lifespan? Well, a healthy diet is very important to live a long and healthy life. Besides physical activities, diet also helps at preventing chronic disease and promotes good health and longevity. One should make sure that they eat nutrient-dense foods that strengthen the immune system

Glow on the go

Today in Delhi, tomorrow in Mumbai and the day after in Singapore! If your life is packed with such uncertainties and a choc a bloc busy schedule, where will you find the time to look after your beauty? But, this is when you need to take more care of your skin for stress and lack

4 ways to have better sex, according to experts

There is no one, literally no one who wouldn’t want a better sex life. Everyone tries to experiment and enhance their sex experience. Some are successful, while some face failure. However, there is nothing to worry. Like any field, making love comes with various territories that one needs to explore. Here are 5 tips from