New tool to speed up antibiotic discovery

New tool to speed up antibiotic discovery

Biologists at UC San Diego have found that a method they developed to identify and characterize new antibiotics can be employed to screen natural products quickly for compounds capable of controlling antibiotic resistant bacteria. The researchers say their latest discovery could permit chemists and others to understand how mixtures of potential antibiotics from microorganisms work

From the pantry: Mushrooms

There are two kinds of people — those who hate mushrooms, and those who love mushrooms. Used widely in south Asian food, the mushroom’s musty flavour and heady aroma make it a great accompaniment for stir-fry and salads. Interestingly, it is also known to add a fifth taste called umami. Our expert chef whips up

Pepper your dishes with spices, boost your brain power

Next time you hear your friends living abroad criticise Indian food for its more-than-liberal dose of spices, quote the following study to them. According to Brazilian researchers, spicing up your dishes is a good thing because a plant compound found in spices and herbs increases brain connections. The researchers from D’Or Institute for Research and

More women engage in casual sex, says new study

More women than men on college campuses may contribute to a hook-up culture, engage in casual sex and are more aggressive towards other desirable women who are perceived as rivals. “If your gender is in the majority, then you have to compete with a lot of rivals, and you can’t be as selective or choosy,”