Glow on the go

Today in Delhi, tomorrow in Mumbai and the day after in Singapore! If your life is packed with such uncertainties and a choc a bloc busy schedule, where will you find the time to look after your beauty? But, this is when you need to take more care of your skin for stress and lack

4 ways to have better sex, according to experts

There is no one, literally no one who wouldn’t want a better sex life. Everyone tries to experiment and enhance their sex experience. Some are successful, while some face failure. However, there is nothing to worry. Like any field, making love comes with various territories that one needs to explore. Here are 5 tips from

Top five foods for a flat tummy!

Having a flat and toned belly is a dream for almost every woman. In order to achieve this fast, you need to adopt a waist-whittling diet plan, apart from your daily dose of exercise. Here are some foods that will help shrink your belly quickly while maintaining a healthy metabolism: Beans and legumes – these

Drink coffee reduces risk of liver cirrhosis

A recent review has linked regular consumption of coffee with a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis. In patients with cirrhosis, the liver becomes scarred often as a result of long-term and persistent injury from toxins like alcohol and viruses like hepatitis C. It can be fatal because it increases the risk of liver failure and