Why people have ‘coffee bubble phobia’ decoded

A deep-seated anxiety about parasites and infectious diseases may be behind ‘coffee bubble phobia’ – an intense aversion some people feel when they see clusters of roughly circular shapes, such as the bubbles in a cup of coffee or the holes in a sponge. Previous explanations for the condition include the suggestion that people are

New biomarkers may help detect brain injury faster

Researchers have identified inflammatory biomarkers which can be used to develop a test that can help detect whether the brain has suffered injury in the first hour of accident. The test can be used on the side of a sports pitch or by paramedics to detect traumatic brain injury — which leads to very early

Meningitis shot also offers some defence against gonorrhoea: Study

Researchers studying a mass vaccination campaign against meningitis have found a surprising side effect – the shots also offered moderate protection against gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted infection that is causing global alarm. The findings, published in The Lancet medical journal on Tuesday, mark the first time an immunisation has shown any protection against gonorrhoea and