Colon cancer among milennials on the rise: study

Rates of colon and rectal cancer are rising sharply among young and middle-aged adults in the United States but doctors have yet to pinpoint why, researchers said Tuesday. The study did not uncover a reason for the change. Experts say colon and rectal cancer can be inherited and can also be influenced by the high-fat,


New tablet device developed to assist heart failure patients

Scientists have developed a novel tablet device to help heart failure patients manage their disease by monitoring symptoms and drug dosage. Researchers from Linkoping University in Sweden developed OPTILOGG, a pre-programmed tablet attached to a weighing scale that provides heart failure education, registers body weight and symptoms and manages diuretics dosage. If the tool detects

Must develop vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS infection, says NACO

With the fear of HIV/AIDS cases resurfacing in future, the National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) has said that a vaccine for the deadly infection is imperative. Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS and Indian scientists are actively engaged in developing vaccines against the virus. “Despite the programme advancement, vaccine will remain important. You


Researchers find antibody to kill cancer cells

Researchers have found that an antibody — originally developed for studying the autoimmune condition multiple sclerosis — can promote the immune system`s ability to fight cancer and decreases tumour growth. In a study published in the journal Science Immunology, the researchers reported that the antibody decreased tumour growth in models of melanoma (skin cancer), glioblastoma