The politics of Ladakh: Need for practical and inclusive demands

Jegmet Sangyas The demand for Union Territory status has been the central axis around which the politics of Ladakh (mainly Leh) revolved ever since Independence. A lot has been... Read more »

What does the Economic Survey tell us about National Security?

Arvind Gupta What does India’s Economic Survey 2017-18 tell us about national security? This may sound an unusual question because in traditional understanding of national security and economy are... Read more »

Japan’s Challenges and Indo-Japanese Connection

Aftab Seth In the New Year, Japan under Shinzo Abe faces many challenges on the foreign policy front. Some of these are perennial problems and others are relatively new.... Read more »

Tamil Nadu: Playing With Sentiments

T.S.Venkatesan Instances of ridiculing Hindu culture, tradition and defaming and denigrating the Hindu gods and goddess by the so-called pseudo secularists have been on the rise in Tamil Nadu... Read more »

South Africa Boosts Naval Capabilities: But can it afford an expansion?

Sanjay Badri-Maharaj In February 2017, the Republic of South Africa RSA) announced the preferred bidders for two of the largest naval programmes in Africa. With Southern African Shipyards (SAS)... Read more »

Changing Arithmetic in Maharashtra

Kalyani Shankar  Kalyani Shankar The Shiv Sena’s decision to go solo is a blow to the BJP. While the Maratha movement has petered out, the Dalit movement, farmers’ woes, lack of... Read more »

Rajasthan outcome perturbs BJP

Pankaj Vohra BJP has to fight perception that it has failed to deliver on the ground. In what could be a precursor to political developments towards the end of... Read more »

500 years of Kabir celebrated

RAZIUDDIN AQUIL Attacking both Hindu social order of things and bigotry of the custodians of Islam, Kabir stressed on unity. The Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, University of Delhi,... Read more »