Respect to National Anthem

After 1960’s, now once again Cinema Halls to play National Anthem before movie screenings and all exits will be shut during that time. Earlier the cinema halls used to... Read more »

Of statesmen and strongmen

Ananya Vajpeyi We are seeing the disjunction between a majority electoral mandate and the warrant for a majoritarian politics that governments of the day think they have The ascension... Read more »

From one Sharif to another

S. Akbar Zaidi Anyone familiar with Pakistan’s history knows that most of the last 70 years since Independence have been dominated by the country’s military. Pakistan’s history and its... Read more »

Facebook and fake news

P.J. George In August this year, Facebook replaced the entire team that curated its Trending Topics section with an algorithm. This came soon after news reports claimed the curators... Read more »

Verifying degrees of teachers in govt schools

To give better education to students in government schools, concerned department at last constituted a committee for verification of degrees and qualifications certificates of teachers promoted as masters in... Read more »

Lured by the angry campaigner

Narayan Lakshman The pendulum has swung far away from the Obamas and Manmohan Singhs, away from inclusive, tolerant paradigms of socio-economic life in the greatest democracies of the world... Read more »

The centralising instinct

Louise Tillin Narendra Modi’s 2014 victory challenged the idea that the States serve as the primary unit of political affiliation. Demonetisation presents an opportunity to refocus debates on Centre-State... Read more »

The voice of the Third World

Vijay Prashad The room went silent at the UN’s 2001 World Conference Against Racism when Fidel Castro entered. He took the podium and firmly denunciated not only racism, but... Read more »