Sacred Space

The invisible hand

All through our life, God takes care of us, and shows his presence in the most inexplicable ways. We may never see his hand, but can notice it in events that we call coincidences, serendipity or miracles. Actually, such events happen all the time. We only need to notice them and be grateful for always


When a freak shooting accident made Rajendar Johar a quadriplegic, this one-time occupation therapist rose like a phoenix from the flames of his former life to become a great humanist and social worker, says Jamuna Rangachari There are some people whose purpose in life appears to be to redefine the word impossible for themselves and

Body language

Illness and discomfort within the body is often the symptom of an emotional or mental issue. Instead of popping a pill, introspect on the messages your body gives you. For healers, their clients are more often than not mirrors of something that is healing within them. Like this client above, I tend to delay singing,

Moving from fear to flow

Starting at midlife and accelerating thereafter, time seems to go by in a blur—and many of us feel an increased pressure to bring our relationship lives into harmony before it all runs out. Unfortunately, people typically respond to this pressure by trying harder to do more of what already isn’t working. We believe, however, that

Don’t let your ego rule

The ego is a devious entity. It can make you act in ways without you realising its cause or intent. It has many heads and it has many voices. Let us examine a few situations where the ego transforms your behaviour without you realising it. Take guilt, which is something everyone experiences when we think