Central government should regulate on-line selling

Dear Editor,
It refers to several top-ranking e-commerce companies going for a drastic cut in period for return or exchange of goods marketed by them through on-line selling. Even presently some companies have return/sale period provided to consumers of just two days. Also e-commerce companies in India do not provide return/exchange facility at their retail outlets. It is also reported that business of e-commerce companies in India has witnessed a steep fall thereby establishing consumers being highly dissatisfied with their bad experience of on-line shopping. E-commerce companies are also going to increase their commission-margin from coming 20.06.2016 because of their increasing losses.
Developed companies like USA have consumer-friendly regulations for on-line shopping providing 30-45 days’ return/exchange period apart from facility to return/exchange the product on their retail outlets giving return-value then and there. It is time that Central government issues some directive controls to regulate e-commerce companies. Central government should also order probe into affairs of e-commerce companies which have massive loss-funding.
Concept of on-line shopping has badly hit middle-class businessmen having retail outlets which have to cut staff-strength resulting in unemployment. Middle-class consumers are also badly hit because of unfriendly and gimmick sale-tactics of e-commerce companies where at times items sold through full cover-page newspaper-advertisements revealed as ‘exclusive’ are freely available in wholesale markets at much-much low prices. Any excuse of ‘convenient’ shopping is irrelevant in present era of seven-days per week shopping without market-holiday in unlimited shopping hours.
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