Centre, States must work together for India’s progress, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said his government was taking states on board for development of the country, asserting that India can move ahead only on the “strong shoulders” of the states and not from Delhi alone.

“India is not going to progress from Delhi,” Modi said while delivering the inaugural address at the  Leadership Summit in Delhi.

Citing various measures taken by his government like setting up special departments for states at the Centre in taking them along, Modi said the states have the most “important role” in India’s progress.

States have the most important role in India’s progress. India can move ahead only on the strong shoulders of the states and not from Delhi alone. If we walk together shoulder to shoulder then results will automatically come,” he said.

Modi said it is important that the world knows about our states and their strengths.

During his 40-minute speech that was laced with humour, the prime minister also said that a decisive mandate given to his party in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was crucial to the country’s progress.

Having a stable Government is a very big thing and this can’t be ignored. Fractured mandates always have uncertainty,” he said, adding, there was “despondency” all over before his government took over office in May last year.

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