Charak Biradari comes in support of Lal Singh

Charak Biradari came in support of Minister of Forest Chaudhary Lal Singh, facing criticism for allegedly sparking a controversy in his remarks. Addressing a press conference, Rajeev Charak, president of All Jammu and Kashmir Charak Biradari said that the Minister is
true secular and acceptable to all three regions but
some miscreant tried to defame him by leveling baseless allegations.
Since inducted as Forest Minister, Lal Singh tightened noose of timber mafia and wood smuggling, which is actively denting state’s exchequer from years, he said, adding that to defame him miscreants are leveling baseless allegations and tried to communalize the situation. “There is no proof of his remarks, only a section of people tried to raise issue while majority of people satisfied with his positive reforms in forest and environment ministry,” he said.
He said there are some forces inside the forest department trying to barred minister for wiping out corrupt and illegal activities.
Calling on lime minded people to join hand and stand up against timber mafia which is looting greed gold, Charak said only Lal Singh is able to fight with such forces and people should defend him against this fight.
Even Gujjar leader Ch Bashir Ahmad Khatana has said that allegations leveled against Ch Lal Singh are totally baseless. He said Lal Singh has been working for the welfare of the people of the state and overall development of J&K.

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