Checking infiltration

Dear Editor,
It is satisfying that nominated next BJP Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal has declared checking of illegal infiltration of migrants from Bangladesh route to be his first priority. Illegal migration has not only badly disturbed population-fabric of the country, but even more importantly allowed entry of anti-national elements being made to settle in India sent by disturbing foreign forces apart from further congesting the over-congested nation.
Unfortunately pseudo-secularism and vote-bank politics have been allowing such anti-national illegal migration in the country. Now it is to be seen if Sarbananda Sonowal keeps his promise to take sincere steps to stop illegal infiltration of migrants through Assam border.
But since other Indian states bordering with Bangladesh have not declared any such intention to stop illegal infiltration of migrants, central government has added responsibility for the same because of reluctant attitude of states other than (now) Assam, especially because there are allegations also allowing such illegal infiltration for some at Indo-Bangladesh border.
Bharti Jasrotia

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