Child Labour is curse

Dear Editor,

Children are considered as most pious being created by the almighty who strive to inculcate happiness, joy, innocence and hope. Children are the future of our country. As we know if we make our ‘today’ good our ‘tomorrow’ will be better, in the same manner if we make children educated our country’s future will be bright.

Though children are considered as the future of our country, but still some children are being deprived of the basic needs which are being provided to them free of cost. We have many provisions in our constitution related to the betterment of children and women. Art 21A deals with the basic education to the children between the age group of six to fourteen, Art 24 deals with the prohibition of children under the age of fourteen working in hazardous conditions.

Despite these provisions children are forced to work in hazardous conditions, they are even forced to work in houses as servants because they are the cheapest labour available. But what comes to my mind is future of these children who are being deprived of the basic needs. The problem lies not only with the society but also with the parents of these children as they do not want to avail all those free services which are provided to them by the government.

So, if we want to make our country’s future bright, then we should make deprived children avail the free services which will contribute to the bright future of our country.



New Plot, Jammu

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