Children make earthen lamps in Jammu, boycott Chinese lights

Children of ex-servicemen made earthen lamps (diyas) to encourage their use and boycott Chinese lights during Diwali.

“When we buy Chinese products, the money goes to China and is used against India itself. We should buy local products instead,” Rajvanth Singh, one of the children involved in making earthen lamps,said on Thursday.

“The lighting used to decorate our homes during Diwali should be brought from the local sellers. Let us support our local potters by using earthen lamps to light our houses instead of fancy Chinese lights. We should always keep in mind the well being of our nation and support the local business. It will help in flourishing our economy as well,” he added.

The children made earthen lamps and displayed them along with placards which read ‘No Chinese lighting this Diwali’. They highlighted the importance of encouraging local sellers over foreign products and said that the initiative of ‘Vocal for Local’ is the need of the hour.

“Every year we buy expensive Chinese lights and contribute to another country’s economy instead of supporting the local businesses. This Diwali, I am advocating the message of ‘Vocal for Local’ and promoting traditional Indian earthen lamps. It is the best decoration for homes and also promotes the hard work of our fellow Indians,” Samriddhi Dubey, another child, said.