Children of a New World

Born spiritually advanced, indigo children are supposed to change established systems once they grow up, ringing in the golden age as prophesied by spiritual groups.

The humongous popularity of Harry Potter books and movies couldn’t have come out of a vacuum. Some part in the children worldwide must have identified with the psychic powers of Harry Potter and company. Now a trend that has come to notice in the West is that many children in our midst are indeed spiritually advanced or psychic. Called Indigo children, they are subject of a dozen major books, scores of websites and even a feature film.

They are called Indigo children because of the predominance of indigo (a dark shade of blue) colour in their auras, which clairvoyants can see. Indigo is the colour of the third eye chakra, which regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see energy, visions and spirits.

Observers and analysts of the New Age are even arguing that Indigos have a special role in the evolution of humanity. They are here to fulfil the various prophecies of a coming New Age, said to dawn around the year 2012. Says Dr Sunny Satin, California-based NRI hypnotherapist who has been training therapists in India and has conducted seminars in Delhi and Mumbai recently on the Indigos, ‘Their mission on earth is to change established systems once they grow up.’

The Indigo phenomenon was first brought to light by Lee Carroll, the channel for Kryon, and his wife Jan Tober (both also work as a team of self-help professionals in the US) in their 1999 book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived. The book carried essays by counselllors, paediatricians and educationists. As more and more parents started identifying their children’s traits with those of Indigos, more books and websites cropped up on the subject.

The small budget Indigo, a film produced and directed by Hollywood’s Stephen Simon, starring Neale Donald Walsch, author of the bestselling Conversations with God series of books, became an underground hit using the unconventional distribution strategy of screening at churches. Last year, CNN, ABC and New York Times carried stories on the subject.

Now that you have read about Indigos, brace yourself for the next generation of spiritual children. They are called Crystals, said to be even more evolved. What is the difference, you ask. Indigos have one negative trait, they exhibit a lot of anger with the way things are. Crystal children, says Dr Satin, ‘are pure love – they cannot stand violence, even as entertainment, and they remember their past lives.’

Well, even if you do not think that your child is an Indigo or Crystal, there is certainly a case for more enlightened parenting, so that we help rather than hinder the holistic growth of our children. After all, as the new generation, the choice of what kind of a world they want to usher in and leave for the generations following them, rightly belongs to them alone.

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