China might just have admitted it is feeling cornered by US, India, Japan

Could it be that despite the belligerent front China keeps putting on, it’s actually feeling cornered by recent moves of its neighbours to ally with other countries?
An editorial today in a Chinese government-run news outlet seems to indicate strongly that Beijing is indeed feeling threatened. The editorial also says that this means that “China has just become a real major power.”
The editorial in Global Times talks about China’s diplomatic efforts on various fronts, alludes to them as altruistic rather than strategic partnerships, and then says that similar efforts by other countries are actually all an attempt to encircle China.
In this context, the editorial mentions Japanese premier Shinzo Abe’s upcoming Russia visit “despite the lack of progress in their long-standing territorial dispute.” The leaders of the two states are expected to work on eight economic cooperation plans, the article says.
“Japan’s moves can easily be viewed as imposing geopolitical pressure on China through improving ties with Russia,” is the editorial’s interpretation.
Then there’s US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Laos, after the G20 summit in China’s Hangzhou early next week. “He will be the first incumbent US president to visit Laos, and this has been interpreted as his last efforts to address his pivot to the Asia-Pacific strategy before he leaves office,” Global Times analyzes.
And last but not least, there’s bete noire India.
‘India-US growing closer’
“Currently, Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar is in the US to sign a logistics agreement with the US, and some US media explicitly said that this signals that India is leaning toward the US alliance system,” the editorial says. China, the article says, appears to be positioned in the centre of geopolitical manoeuvres by the US and Japan, and by extension, India. The article warns, though, to not take China lightly. “The outside world has miscalculated geopolitics by interpreting China’s diplomacy,” it adds.
Global Times, in fact, said earlier this week that India’s pact with the US might just “irritate” China
“If India hastily joins the US alliance system, it may irritate China, Pakistan or even Russia. It may not make India feel safer, but will bring strategic troubles to itself and make itself a centre of geopolitical rivalries in Asia,” Global Times said in an article two days ago. State-run Chinese media has also indicated Beijing is extremely unhappy with India’s strategic shift in dealing with Pakistan – by talking about Pakistan’s atrocities in Balochistan and in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

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